Glass Pool Fencing | Is it safe?

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Glass Pool Fencing – Is it safe?

Lots of out clients ask about the safety of glass pool fencing.

We understand that the idea of glass around a pool area can be daunting. The idea of glass breaking around a pool, is a nightmare. This is why at wholesale glass pool fencing we use Grade-A safety glass on ALL our jobs.  Safety glass is the only type of glass you should have around your pool area or balustrade. Glass Pool Fencing that is Grade A safety glass, does what it says on the tin – keeps you and your family safe!

How can I tell if my glass pool fence is made with safety glass?

One way to tell if your glass pool fencing meets Australian safety standards is to check for the PASS mark etched into the bottom of the panel. Any safety glass – pool fencing included should hold this pass mark, checking for this insures that you only have the highest quality materials around your pool.

What holds the glass pool fencing in place?

To ensure that our glass pool fencing is held in place, and is sturdy, we only use marine grade stainless steel on all our hardware. Our hardware is sturdy and will stand the test of time, ensuring that your glass pool fencing is held in place in the safest possible way. All our materials meet QBCC regulations as safety is paramount to us, that is why we only use the best materials for your glass pool fencing.

We always aim to answer any questions or queries around your glass pool fencing, so please never hesitate to contact us!

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