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All of our hardware is made to last using marine grade materials. We offer a wide range of hardware, from spigots to latches and beyond. Our hardware is available in a stainless steel (silver) finish, which is classic and will always be timeless, however we also offer all our hardware in matte black, which is fast becoming the go to for modern fittings and fixtures. We are happy to discuss your options and as to which hardware fixtures will suit your property best.


Hardware may sound boring, but it is an essential part of every install. It is the thing that holds your glass in place and is usually the most visible part of an install. We have a range of hardware that all differ slightly depending on what it is you are looking for, for your fence or balustrade.

Spigots are the main component that holds your glass in place. They come in stainless steel or a matte black finish, depending on what style you are going for. All of our spigots are made from marine grade metal and will stand the test of time. Our spigots are not all standard, we offer a variation depending on where your glass is going to be placed. We have deck mounted spigots, which are a give away in the title, they are for any fence that will be placed on a wooden deck. We also have core drilled spigots, these are inserted into concrete, so if you have tiles around your pool area or on your balcony, then these are the spigots for you. Our last type of spigot is wall mounted; these again are a giveaway as they are mounted onto a wall for your glass to fit into. All these choices of spigots can seem overwhelming, so if you are not too sure as to what you will need, get us round for a quote and we can let you know what option would be best for you and your pool fence or balustrade.

Latches and Hinges

Latches and hinges are just as important as the rest of your pool fence. These are the things that ensure your gate is safe closing, therefore keeping your family safe always. We offer our hinges and latches come in the choice of the two colours, stainless steel or matte black. This again all comes down to preference as to the finish in your home. Whilst our latches are standard, we do offer two types of hinges: Our standard range, which you will find on most pool fence, or our soft close hinges. Soft close hinges are quickly becoming the most popular choice for pool fences, this is because gates with soft close hinges, are far quieter than the standard hinge. Many people with pool gates close to their homes, are now opting for soft close hinges so that the noisy gate they could once hear slamming closed from inside, they can no longer hear.


Our handrails are the finishing touch to any of our balustrade. We offer the choice of stainless steel or matte black handrails in keeping with the rest of our hardware. Our handrails come in two different shape finishes, either rounded or square, again depending on personal preference. We do also offer custom solutions for handrails, as we realise not everyone loves metal. Therefore if you have a certain vision in mind of what you want your handrail to look like, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate, so that you get the complete finish you were looking for.

Marine Grade

All of our hardware meets Australian standards and is made from Marine grade metal this leaves no room for error, with safety glass placed into your hardware, you will be able to sit back, relax and enjoy those views you have worked so hard for.

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