Glass Pool Fencing | What are the benefits of having glass pool fencing over aluminium?

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Glass Pool Fencing | What are the benefits of having glass pool fencing over aluminium?

There are many advantages of having frameless glass pool fencing…

First and foremost glass pool fencing immediately improves your views. Aluminium fencing although being practical, immediately interrupts the view of your pool that you have just spent time and money on completing. Fully Frameless Glass pool fencing provides you with an uninterrupted  view of the pool you have worked so hard to get. Fully Frameless Glass Pool fencing, its truly fully frameless, so no posts or bars getting in your way.

Stylish and Safe

Fully Frameless Glass Pool Fencing always has the WOW factor, its something every guest you have to your home will comment on. Frameless glass fencing makes any garden area look impressive, stylish and modern. Whilst typically placed into stainless steel spigots we can modernise your pool fence further. We can supply matte black hardware for your glass pool fence, to really make it look as modern and sleek as possible. Glass Pool Fencing also does not compromise on safety. It is as safe as aluminium fencing and looks miles better, all of our products meet Australian safety standards.

Service Areas | Cairns and the Northern Beaches, Port Douglas and more….

As Far North Queensland continues to thrive and develop, we are privileged to have new builds popping up all around us. We are proud to service Cairns and the Northern Beaches, Port Douglas and more. We install glass pool fencing as far as Cooktown and as close as Trinity Beach. Glass Pool Fencing is the go to, to really add the WOW factor to any new property being built. Glass pool fencing isn’t the only product we supply to Cairns and Port Douglas, if its slightly outside the budget we do supply aluminium fencing, or we can install a variety of both. The options and possibilities are endless, so if you are based in Far North Queensland (Cairns, Port Douglas, Palm Cove, Trinity Beach) and are looking for a pool fence be it glass or not, do not hesitate to contact us for a free no obligation quote.

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