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Glass balustrading

Need to upgrade your balcony? Want to enjoy the tropical views of Cairns and Port Douglas without a fence interrupting them? Glass Balustrade is the answer you have been looking for! 

Our glass balustrade is a beautiful addition to any balcony, allowing uninterrupted views whilst providing a safe rigid barrier for the whole family. We supply both fully frameless or semi frameless balustrade at wholesale prices, allowing us to give you options when quoting, and to be able to cater to your needs. Glass Balustrade is fast becoming the go to for balconies in the Tropics, with many Cairns Hotels and complexes opting for this option over that of metal or wood. It provides a sleek and smart finish, meaning your property will always look modern and classy.


Glass Balustrade is fast becoming the go to for indoor and outdoor balcony renovations. It is a product that is simple, sleek and classy. It modernises the home, without completely breaking the bank. It is also a solution you can can count on, for years to come. Living in the tropics ourselves, we realise that many materials do not stand the test of time, due to the humidity and salt in the air, corroding metals. This is why we use a high calibre of products that will not show signs of ageing, and mean you will be enjoying your renovation and the views that it provides, for years to come.


Glass Balustrade is an easy way to modernise your home. Many properties in the far north have stunning views to admire, but have old fencing obstructing the view. Glass balustrade allows you to sit on your balcony and admire the views you paid for. It is a simple solution to improve the look of your property and add value at the same time.


Such as with glass pool fencing, any form of balustrade on a building also must meet certain criteria, some would say this criteria is even more confusing to understand than the rules for pool fencing. We therefore have all the knowledge on the rules and regulations of balustrade. We understand that balconies can pose a great worry for many, which is why safety is always at the forefront of our minds. We can guarantee that all our balustrade will meet all safety requirements. Glass can be a concern for some, as they are unsure as to its strength should someone lean against it. This is why we use premium products which meet all the QBCC’s safety requirements, from Grade A – Safety Glass to marine grade hardware. You will have no space for concern, when using Wholesale Glass Pool Fencing to renovate your home.


Our glass balustrade is available for supply only or supply and install. Either way we are here to help and answer your questions. We know that any investment into a property is a big step, so we aim to make the experience as seamless as possible. We are happy to come to your property and listen to what you want to achieve and will then supply you with a free quote. If you only want a quote on materials, we are happy to supply you with exactly what you need. If the idea of installing glass is a little daunting, let us do all the work. We would be happy to quote to supply and install, leaving you stress free!

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