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We WOW our commercial customers with uninterrupted views… A stunning look and higher return on their investment. In addition to our large range of 'off the shelf' glass and hardware products we specialise in high quality commercial, custom ordered glass projects. We can assist in the planning, manufacturing, and delivery of large or commercial projects. We can also provide experienced, qualified and registered installation contractors to complete high quality finishes for any size of project large or small. For more information please contact our sales team.

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Can I customise my order?

Yes, of course. Every order we place is custom to suit each of our customers perfectly. Not everyone has the same business, the same resort or the same number of pools so I will call and talk directly to you to put together a tailored package that suits your needs exactly. Not only do the panels come in different sizes, but they also can be tinted, coloured, or frosted, and we also supply handrails and balustrades as well as glass pool fencing. If it’s glass, we can do it!

Do you provide certificates for your products?

Yes we can provide all certification necessary to pass building inspections and regulations.

Do you take on commercial work anywhere in Australia?

Yes we will tender or quote for commercial scale projects anywhere in Australia and have commercial customers as far away as Tasmania.

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